Wednesday, September 01, 2004

As the evening shadows... 

Well today was good. Rehearsal was long, but i still love it. This show is bound to turn a few heads. I had alot of fun today. I am now officially afraid of janitors. Oh man what a day. Jamie can really burp. I proabably shouldn't have said that but oh well. I thought it was HOT. I couldn't be more tired than I am right now. I think ill just past out until morning when I hear the sound of my alarm. My alarm isn't necessarily a sound per se. It's actually the radio and right now I have it tuned to some weird station that is inexplicably interesting. Whatevs. Peace out.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

Loss for Words 

There is this one person. Who really influences me. Her name is Jamie. And I could swear she is the prettiest thing I have ever seen.

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

My World skips a beat 

Wow. Summer was faster than a good friday without meat. I must say I have not updated this thing in a while no?

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Ripping the world a new one... 

Things are fast these days. Everything is about speed. Get into gear, rev the engine, and you are on your merry way. Like yesterday for instance. I woke up at 6:30am. I went through my normal morning routine....but really fast. Then I got on my bike and rode to work. Yes indeed. The wind felt quite strong. It whipped my hat off my head. I love my hat. It didn't take long to get to work. Mind you it would have been alot shorter if it weren't for the fact that I look incredibly square riding a bike with my Ace Hardware vest. Oh, I was downright embarassed. I counted a total of five car horn honks. I once cried because I had no shoes...until I met a man who had no FEET. Don't take that literally. It's a saying. I am basically telling you that I once thought it horrible not to have a car. But now I see there are worse things...far worse things.

Well, I've conducted a survey.
It's on what kind of customers I deal with during my work shifts as a cashier at Ace Hardware. Here are the results...

The bitter minority of Ace hardware customers are the...

People that actually know what they are doing.....10%

Yes, I know. It's hard to believe but about ten percent of the people that walk into Ace are professionals picking up their supplies. No hassle. No muss, no fuss. Just a straight plain deal. I wish they made up one-hundered percent...but they don't. And that sucks.

People who know what they want but don't know how to get it.....20%

Some folks don't know how to find the things they want. That is why I work the floor sometimes to help them out.

People with Huge bugs up their asses.....20%

Well...we all know what these people can be like.

People that have no freaking idea what they are doing.....50%

Occasionally, a sheep like entity will wander through the seemingly harmless gates of Ace Hardware. They give me their blank stares and aimlessly stroll through the ailes. Sometimes I give them a little push toward the Coca-Cola machine. They give me a smile and say "Just what i was looking for." And out they go.

so long...
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

This about sums it up 

I'm getting my car back very soon.

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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Someone paid a vist to 'Echo and the Bunnymen' 

I've been hearing alot of this the past few days....
exactly: "NOTHING".

Just to give some news in light of recent events:
My father is now out of the hospital and feeling much better.

My car is still being fixed.

Much of my life consists of counterparts much like the world famous George Foreman grill.

You've got your heat, meat, and of coure the ever notorious "JUICE". Although I am not obsessed with the juice like our friend Mr. Foreman is. Everyone has a little heat in their lives as corny as it sounds. Wether it be fights with their Dad, or living with stress, everyone's got the heat. The meat can be classified as the family and friends in your lives. Let's say you have a mom, dad, and one sibling. That is the meat. The juice is part that you want. Aside from a nice cold glass of orange juice, love is by far my equivalent to George Foreman's obsessin with the Juice. Yessir, I know it's cheesy, but it works for me. I have a confession to make...there is person that I know that has an effect on me. This person put such an effect on me that I stopped chewing my nails. They even made me start writting poetry that is (in other words) happy for a change. My my, how time does fly......................................................................

I love my friends. You all know who you are. My summer would be missing a gargantuan chunk if it weren't for you fine fellows. Perhaps I should use a stronger word than fellows. Comrades. Yes indeed. Kind of a military taste, but it does the trick. And now for my daily rant. (NO. I don't rant to myself when I'm not blogging this stuff)
Things the drunk driver that ruined my car should be doing right now
Submitting a blasted report admitting his folly
Kissing my ass
Praying that life won't smite him for being dumb
(and most importantly) Getting a life

10 things I like about ROBBIE
His head is big
His head is actually small (the beard makes it look huge)
He has been fully housebroken for a year and 2 months running
He just now started to snuggle on my foot
He scares away obscenley bothersome teeny-boppers
He doesn't take shit from anyone
He is actually Sherlock Holmes's dog
He can open doors with his nose(that really kicks me in the butt)
You can physically push him around all you like and he doesn't care (but you can't give him any lip or else)
He's fuzzy(in other news my inner femininity just skyrocketed)

good byes have never been a favorite of mine so just pretend that I am still here...
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Monday, May 17, 2004


My father is in the hospital. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. It seems that he has a heart condition. Sometimes I wonder if it is from me arguing with him all the time. I can only hope that nothing terminal comes of this. As I said, thoughts and prayers please.

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